The RV rubber roof is one of the most overlooked maintenance chores. Maybe because it is on the roof and we don’t see it, or maybe because it doesn’t affect the running of your motorhome. Whatever the reason, it is important to ensure that you perform RV roof service annually to prevent needing repairs. RV roof repairs are among the most expensive repair costs and can be avoided with preventative maintenance.

RV Roof Repair and Preventative Maintenance

One of the easiest parts of RV roof maintenance is something that you can do at home —clean it! Depending on where you store your RV, your roof should be cleaned three to four times a year. You can sweep and then mop the rubber roof with warm water and rubber roof cleaner or dish soap, never use petroleum-based cleaners as this can damage the rubber and make your problems worse! It is a good idea to rinse the sides of your RV before cleaning the roof so that the cleaning products run right off the side with the moisture from the rinse, rather than sticking to the sides of your RV, damaging the protective coating. If you store your RV in a covered area or you use a protective cover, you may not have to clean as frequently. If you have areas that have sap, mold, or mildew, you may have to clean several times.


Roof Inspection

At least annually, and ideally at the beginning of the travel season, you should inspect the sealants on your RV roof and your roof seams. Check these areas to make sure they are still sealed and not leaking. Check on any skylights, vents, and your ladder to ensure they are also working well and free of mold and debris.

UV Protection

Depending on the type of RV roof you have will determine the type of UV protectant that is used. UV damage from the sun constantly beating down on your motorhome is incredibly damaging to the roof’s material. To help extend the life of your roof as well as help it look shiny and healthy!

RV Repair in Denver

Auto RV Broker is your full-service RV services and repair shop in Denver. In addition to a full range of routine maintenance services, we offer preventative maintenance for your RV’s rubber roof as well as custom fabrication. If your RV needs service, contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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