Even if you are an exclusive summer RV traveler, you’ll want to make sure that your RV furnace is in good operating order —the nights in some areas still get cool! If you are a snowbird who heads south each winter, you already know the value of the warmth provided by your forced-air heating system. Motorhome’s furnaces use a sealed combustion system that uses propane as fuel. This means that the system is relatively low maintenance and may continue to produce warm air even when not performing optimally. However, to keep your RV furnace functioning properly, it is recommended to have your furnace inspected and serviced, at least annually.


RV Furnace Service

All motorhome owners can perform some of their own maintenance steps to help avoid labor costs and uncomfortably low temperatures from ill-performing furnace systems. Clean the furnace regularly, especially after the RV has been sitting for a long period of time, to clear dust that has gathered. Ensure that ductwork is routed properly, is clean, and is not blocked. Ensure that the return airflow vent is not obstructed and is clean. To clean these areas, first remove large debris and then vacuum areas that you can access. For vents and access points, you can wipe down the surfaces. It should be noted that when you are conducting your own RV furnace service, you should never break the seal on any gasket as this can cause carbon monoxide to leak into your motorhome, which can be lethal.

At a professional RV service and repair shop, thorough RV furnace inspections and service will check that the delivery line pressure is correct and the regulator is working properly. Deep cleaning is conducted and the propane piping system is tested for leaks. If you have these services performed at the beginning of the season, it will ensure that you have a reliably warm travel season.

RV Furnace Service in Denver

At Auto RV Broker, we are a full-service RV service and repair shop in Denver. Our RV furnace service includes annual inspections and service that will help keep your RV furnace operating safely and efficiently. In addition to furnace services, we also offer a wide range of RV services including routine maintenance and repair, as well as custom fabrication. If your RV furnace has not been serviced recently, or you’d like an inspection, contact us for more information or to schedule your service.

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