When you make the decision to purchase a motorhome and hit the open road in search of a different view and a little adventure, chances are you are looking at getting away. Many RV owners get excited to escape the world around them and seek out greener pastures elsewhere. However, life in a travel trailer can take a turn when drivers of other vehicles or tent campers just don’t understand the RV lifestyle and make a point of showing your their disapproval. While there are plenty of downright grumps in the world, most of the time we see these issues occur in the new RV goers who haven’t mastered the etiquette of RVing. Here, we’d like to set you up for a carefree road adventure by discussing some important RV etiquette to keep in mind.

Don’t intentionally inconvenience others.

Remember the reason you invested in your recreational vehicle, it is a home on wheels and a giant beast of a vehicle. It has everything you need to be comfortable for a life on the move. This means that your massive vehicle easily dwarfs most of the other vehicles on the open road. Be mindful of where you are parked so that you aren’t intentionally inconveniencing anyone else. A good example is when you stop for gas, where you may easily block a few pumps; don’t park at the pump while you run inside for snacks and to use the facilities.

Like a good neighbor, be one!

This tip applies mostly to when you are parked overnight at an RV site. Treat the lots as you would your land at a home: don’t walk through your neighbor’s space or allow your pet to do its business on your neighbor’s lot. Be respectful of light and noise and be sure to clean up after yourself. If you are at a campground, make sure that you aren’t contributing to a wildlife problem by enticing animals with trash or supplies let outside.

Drive like you are in a big rig.

When you are driving to your destination, remember that you are no longer in your car, you are now in a beastly travel trailer that is likely bigger than a school bus. You’ll need to realize that you are now one of the bigger slower vehicles on the road and you should share the road as such. Be mindful to keep to the right lane unless passing and if you find yourself on a single lane highway, be sure not to slow down traffic and allow others to pass when you can. Remember that you need extra time to change lanes and that cutting someone off could cause a big accident. Do not use the side of your RV as an excuse to drive however you want just because you’d likely win if anyone tested you. Be respectful of other drivers.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

The golden rule of life is no exception to RVing. Always treat others how you would have them treat you. This applies to every tip we have suggested above.

Do the RV community proud.

When you decide to live the RV life, you have become a part of a large community. You’ll meet people along the way and have experiences like you never could without a home on wheels. Keep in mind that to non-RVers, you are the RV community. Always consider RV etiquette and conduct yourself as to bring a positive light to the RV community as a whole. If you follow the simple tips listed here, you should be able to do that just by carrying on!

Make living the RV life smooth and simple. When you practice good RV etiquette, you and those around you can enjoy the ride. If the RV life has piqued your interest and you are ready to hit the open road, stop by and see us at Auto RV Broker! We know how wonderful the RV life is and share the passion of the RV community. We can help get you in the perfect travel trailer and help introduce you to the RV life! Stop by soon, we look forward to making a new neighbor!